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Improving the lives of local children and families

Baby Friendly Initiative

West Area Children’s Centre thrives to create a nurturing environment for our families.

We run various sessions for our Babies that include, Bumps to Babies groups, Baby Massage, Baby Clinic, Breast Feeding groups, Introducing Solids, Bouncing Babies and much more.

All of our sessions are there to promote:

Communicating and connecting with baby – talking to your baby, using music and songs.

Responding to Baby

Giving lots of cuddles and comfort

Baby can not be spoilt by to much attention

The more cuddles, skin to skin baby has, releases the hormone of ‘love’ oxytoxin that research shows really supports a Baby’s Brain development and helps to develop a secure child

Please speak to us if you would like more information or have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to see happen at your Children Centre.

These three websites are really useful links for more information:

Thank you for your support


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