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M was referred to QCCS by her midwife; she had a history of miscarriages and was feeling extremely anxious about her current pregnancy.  During counselling, M talked about her childhood and how she had never felt that her mother was interested in her; her stepfather had attempted to rape her when she was 14 years old and although she had told her mother her stepfather continued to live in the family home.  M was now in a relationship with a man whom she knew loved her but still found it hard to fully trust him; in addition she felt as if she had somehow brought about the miscarriages herself – that she somehow ‘deserved’ them.  Issues of trust, guilt and abandonment were extremely important themes in M’s counselling and how M’s self-esteem had been affected by the parenting she had experienced.  M was motivated by wanting to be the best mother possible for the baby she was expecting and attended every session – she and her counsellor developed a strong working alliance and one of the effects of this was that M began to experience being heard as well as understood.  M moved from a clinical measurement of 18 (8 above the clinical cut-off) to ratings well within the normal range – her final measurement was 5 which is 5 below clinical cut-off.  M’s baby was born one month after her counselling ended and she arranged to come back to introduce her new son to the person who had been alongside her on her journey – her counsellor.