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Grandma Doris

Doris started coming to the Over 60's Lunch Club where she soon met new friends and started going on the trips that are provided for members of the group. "I love coming to the lunch club as its lovely and friendly with good food and nice people to sit and have a chat with and a laugh and joke, I look forward to coming all week ……. the trips that we go on are a bonus".

Since Quaggy has developed its intergenerational work there has been lot's of opportunities for the nursery children to interact with the members of the Lunch club. Apart from research showing that both the children and the older people benefit from being with each other and playing together, Doris loved being around the children and offered to volunteer as the Quaggy Cafe storyteller. Every week now she reads stories to local children in the cafe space in her special chair. Children love to here her stories and she loves it too. "It’s just so pleasing for me to be able to mix with the children and interact with them, its lovely to be Grandma for a while to so many little ones!