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One Parent's Experience

I was a young mum living close to Quaggy Children’s Centre. In the past I have had social care involvement and didn’t have a trusting relationship with any professional. I had a two year old daughter who was very lively. My health visitor had asked me to see her at the children’s centre for a developmental check. I agreed with her concerns about my child’s delay in speech development and physical skills. During the check and there was a member of the children’s centre who played with my child while I spoke with the health visitor and at the end of the session she mentioned that a nursery place could support my chids speech development.
I was very apprehensive about this but once in the nursery environment I felt confident my child would be well cared for. Shortly after starting nursery I soon realised that the experience was supporting my child’s all round development and this also allowed me time for myself. I even joined the young parents group. This helped develop my self-confidence, expanded my social group and I learnt a lot of new skills that supported my parenting. I couldn’t believe how quickly my child’s speech began to improve and I felt a part of this as the staff informed me daily of the small group session s she had taken part in. i even remember there was a speech and language project that she had been involved in, that used videos of interaction between my child and an adult to see the positive interactions as well as giving the adult pointers on improving these. The staff always gave me useful hints on how I could carry on this at home.
Looking back I am so glad that I was linked to Quaggy because their support for my family has been invaluable. I also found the staff welcoming and friendly. I felt safe there and when I had my second child I knew the support from them would continue and they gave me back my trust in professionals, thank you Quaggy.