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Young People

In October 2017 a group of 6 young people who regularly attend Quaggy’s Young people’s Group, volunteered to take part in the City Leadership project which is run by London Youth and encourages young people to contribute to their community.
There were three stages to complete the Team, Club and Community Stages. For the Team Stage the group organised a day trip out altogether, the group was in charge of a £150 budget that covered the activity all of the expenses, travel and food.
In November the young people completed the Club Stage of the project, they had to create and display a presentation in front of two London Youth staff explaining why they should receive £400 to go towards helping their youth club and how they would spend the money. They were successful in raising all of the £400 which they spent on some fantastic resources for the young people’s group.
During March 2018 the 6 young people used all of the skills they had learnt from the previous stages such as budgeting and presentation skills for the final Community Stage. They 6 had to produce a presentation showing why they would like to receive £600 to help fund a project in their community. They presented this to many other young people like themselves who are also on the City leadership programme, their youth workers and more London Youth staff. The group won the bid and raised £600. They decided to help the community by using the money to turn donated shoe boxes into gift boxes with toys appropriate for under 5’s.
The group made the gift boxes during the Young people’s August summer holidays scheme. On the first day all young people who attended the holiday scheme helped out and together they made 17 gift boxes, wrapping them with different coloured wrapping paper, then packing each box with musical instruments, washable pens, notepads, a story book, bubbles, finger puppets and tubs of playdough and play dough cutters.
Since the boxes have been made some have been distributed to families who Quaggy’s Family Support Workers are working with. The feedback from these families has been amazing and the family support workers commented on how excited the children were to receive new toys and a story book.
Quaggy Development Trust are so proud of all our young people and the 6 that worked as a team to contribute to their community and make the group and local area a better place for families.