Quaggy Development Trust

Update Statement January 2021
Even though the news this New Year has not been good, we will get through these dark winter days and into the light.
Our nurseries remain open for all children. Quaggy and Sherington Children’s Centres are open for emergency drop ins.
Emergency food support is available.
Our online digital program is still running with new videos each week.
Contact Quaggy Children’s Centre on 0208 465 9785 for advice and support.
Families Information Service (FIS) can be contacted on 0208 921 6921. 
If you have a breastfeeding question please ring the health visiting number below and ask to speak to a breastfeeding advocate. Your Health Visiting Team can be contacted on 0208 836 8621
If you are not registered with Children’s Centres you can fill out an online registration form.
Stay safe, look after yourself, follow the new guidelines and we will meet again.

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Quaggy Development Trust has been supporting local children and families since 2002. We are a charity that delivers services for people from pre-birth to supporting older people. Here you can find out more about us and how we work to improve the lives of local children and families.
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